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Ample reasons to be an Ambassador

Cocogo specializes in healthy hydration. But we also exchange customer praise for priority perks. Our Cocogo Ambassadors are active online individuals who promote their passions—and how Cocogo plays a part.

We’re looking for more Cocogo Ambassadors right now!

Cocogo Ambassadors get more:

  • 50% off all Cocogo products for you
  • Pass-along discount code for your followers
  • Free product bonuses and sponsorships
  • Cocogo bottle plus Ambassador visor or cap
  • Ambassador profile and link on

Are you Ambassador material?

  • Regular Cocogo user and brand loyalist
  • Positive, enthusiastic person
  • Active social media participant
  • Social media content includes some health or fitness-related content
  • You’re ready to tell friends, family, and the random guy at the grocery store about Cocogo

Cocogo Ambassador qualifications:

  • English communications (multi-language support to come!)
  • Established audiences in one or more of the following:
  • Blog: 1,500+ unique monthly visitors
  • Twitter: 1,500+ followers
  • Facebook: 3,000+ followers
  • Instagram: 1,500+ followers
  • YouTube: 750+ subscribers
  • Group Leader: 300+ group members (e.g. local running club)
  • Follower engagement also considered

Cocogo Ambassador requirements:

  • Mention Cocogo Ambassador and include the logo in your social media profile(s)
  • Write and share a personal review of Cocogo
  • Minimum of one Cocogo-related communication per month
  • Wear a Cocogo logo during events and post photos
  • Ambassadors participate for one year. Members may be invited for another term based on their level of brand engagement.
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Meet Our Featured Ambassador

Each month we highlight one of our amazing Ambassadors
Jennifer Chaffin
Jennifer Chaffin

I started running in 2008 and quickly fell in love with the sport. I race distances from 5k to 50k and especially favor ultra trail running.  I am a member of the Fleet Racing Team sponsored by Nike Running, an Ultra Dirtbag Member, and I'm on the Oiselle Flock team.  I am a wife, vegetarian, and Nashville native. My other interests include playing the violin and cheering on the University of Kentucky Wildcats.  I feel blessed to be a part of the running community and I am grateful for the friendships that it has brought into my life!
Jennifer Chaffin, TN | | |

See who's already joined the Ambassador team

  • Mandy

    Loretto, MI

    “I love to spend time outdoors running, kayaking, snowshoeing, biking, and swimming.” | | |
  • Tara Sabo

    Saint Joseph, MI

    “ACE-Certified personal trainer, group fitness and Spinning instructor, fitness blogger, runner, mother and wife.” | | | |
  • Nicole@FoodieLovesFitness

    San Diego, CA

    “A foodie and wine enthusiast who you’ll find kickboxing, cycling, rowing, and mountain biking.” | |
  • Laura Pyne

    Harrisburg, PA

    “I’m a distance runner, power lifter, and mommy to two (strange combo...but true!).” | | |
  • EricaFinds

    Chicago, IL

    “I like to call myself a blogging runner; I promote my favorite Finds.” | | |
  • csstark

    Sandy, UT

    “I’m a passionate person…and it shows when I love something. When it comes to fitness, I enjoy cycling, kettlebell training, Bikram Yoga, and running.”

    Facebook |
  • BigZigFitness

    White River Junction, VT

    “I appreciate putting athletes’ health up front, instead of under a company’s bottom line.” |
  • Kendall Fitness

    Omaha, NE

    “I am a fitness professional trying to practice what I preach, one crazy event at a time!” | |
  • RunStylish

    Los Gatos, CA

    “I am a wife, mother, shopper, and athlete with a sense of style. I believe in ethics, kindness, a positive attitude. Living a healthy and active lifestyle is my goal.” | |
  • Kristen Smith

    Arlington, TN

    “I am a wife, mother of two girls, hospice pharmacist, and runner!” | | | |
  • Lori T.

    Richland, WA

    I'm a fit, fun mom of two who loves running, yoga, weightlifting—and of course, Cocogo!”

    twitter | |
  • Debbie@HealthyRunningMom

    Chicago, IL

    “I run to feel good and I feel good when I run.” | |
  • Lyndsay Marvin

    Los Angeles, CA

    “I am a health and fitness coach and blogger who enjoys yogi and half marathon training!” | | |
  • Jeanine Rivituso

    Wanatagh, NY

    “I am an aspiring Registered Dietitian, with the passion and determination to help others live a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and fitness.”

    Instagram |
  • Run26Shelly

    Windham, NH

    “I am a mom of 3 who craves wellness and being fit!”

    Instagram |

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