What can Cocogo do for me?

Go Healthy. Go Hydrated. Go Get ‘em.®

There are a lot of sports drinks out there, all claiming to pump up your performance. But Cocogo has the best mix of benefits:

Hydrating coconut water

Freeze-dried fruit for flavor

The best balance of electrolytes

An ideal blend of sugars

7 essential vitamins

better performances
TrailandUltraRunning.com review
“This is a super solid product, well thought out and executed almost perfectly.”


Dare To Compare: How Does Your Sports Drink Match Up?

  • Cocogo

    Only Cocogo fuels muscles with three natural sugars (no artificial sweeteners or high-fructose corn syrup here). Cocogo provides steady energy and offsets glycogen depletion, which helps prevent the "bonk."
  • Gatorade

    Too much sodium and a too-sweet taste can really upset your stomach. Say no to queasiness with a light-tasting, lower-sodium sports drink that treats your tummy right.
  • Hammer Heed

    The taste of Cocogo is light. Natural. Not too sweet. In fact, you’ll like the taste of Cocogo so much better than any other sports drink, we back your purchase with a guarantee.
  • Nuun

    Cramp less and hydrate better! Cocogo has balanced electrolytes – lower in sodium and higher in calcium, magnesium and potassium.

What people are saying about Cocogo

Cocogo reviews from around the states
Casual and hard-core athletes from around the states credit Cocogo for steady energy, no muscle cramps, being easy on the stomach, and preventing “the bonk.” Follow the many fitness adventures of our fans on social media. Plus scroll through these reviews to find athletes in all areas.

    Boston Marathon runner, Utah

    “I really felt an energy boost after drinking it without feeling sluggish or cloudy.”
    "I drank the Raspberry Passion Fruit Cocogo between my cycle and running sets. The taste was awesome—not too sweet but full of flavor. I really felt an energy boost after drinking it without feeling sluggish or cloudy. I love that it uses natural sugars and no high fructose corn syrup!"



    “I drank six bottles—the hydration was great.”
    “I used Cocogo on New Mexico’s Dawn 'til Dusk mountain bike race (my time 10 hrs 14 min). The taste works because it’s smooth, not too strong and very easy on the stomach. Cocogo was easy to digest even at the later hours of the race. I can really tell the benefits of the coconut water with the electrolyte replenishment and I had no cramping or signs of cramping at all.”



    “Tastes great, hydrates very well, mixes up nicely, and is very affordable.”
    “I'm HORRIBLE at drinking enough water. And (TMI) I'm quite the sweater. Not an ideal mix. I am much better at drinking when it's tasty—my pick is Raspberry Passion Fruit Cocogo. For three different workouts (long bike ride, post run, and Beachbody workout) I experienced the same benefits of drinking pricier coconut water.”



    “I was eager to drink at regular intervals.”
    “I get a little sick from traditional electrolyte drinks that taste too sugary and are often filled with food coloring and other additives. Plus, my legs and mind usually fatigue halfway through long endurance races. When I used Cocogo [on a 100-mile bike race] I was eager to drink at regular intervals because the taste was refreshing and all natural. My legs kept pedaling at a competitive pace and the "bonk" never happened! I finished 18th overall—and I used to finish in the middle of the pack. I will be packing Cocogo at all my marathons, road bike races, trail runs, and other adventures."

  • RICK

    Phoenix Marathon committee member, Arizona

    “I've cramped on virtually all my marathons, but not with Cocogo.”
    “Having done almost 40 marathons, triathlons and other races, I've tried many different hydration and electrolyte products. Cocogo is the best I've used. I've cramped on virtually all my marathons, but not on the difficult one I just did with Cocogo.”



    “A fantastic product for athletes, busy moms, and anyone who want hydration with flavor.”
    “My coach/mentor is always telling me to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, so I tried everything under the sun before I found Cocogo. The reason I am sticking with Cocogo is not only the amazing flavor, but I feel hydrated and more energized. As an avid runner, the convenient package is KEY for me! I can easily tote it along and add a packet or two to my water. Cocogo is a product I truly love and stand by!”



    “I didn't get that sticky, syrup feeling in my mouth like I do from regular sports drinks.”
    “My new obsession…Cocogo! It replenishes the potassium, calcium, sodium, and magnesium your body needs for athletic performance! All three flavors were incredible. I mixed 2 packets in my water bottle for my long ride (46 miles) and my long run (11 miles). What was so great, other than the taste, is that I didn't get that sticky, syrup feeling in my mouth like I do from regular sports drinks. Cocogo was light and fruity and had a "clean" after taste and feeling. I felt hydrated and refreshed throughout my entire workout!”

  • NEIL

    Professional Cyclist, Colorado

    “I wish Cocogo had been available when I was racing professionally.”
    “I raced as a professional cyclist for 15 years, most recently Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling and Wonderful Pistachios Pro Cycling Team. Hydration was a crucial element to optimum performance. I can honestly say, I wish Cocogo had been available when I was racing. This is the best tasting and effective hydration drink mix I’ve ever known. Try it – you will be amazed how great you feel!”

  • JILL


    “After a few training runs to put it to the test, Cocogo passed with flying colors.”
    “This year our other-than-plain-water hydration will be Cocogo. Why? Variety of flavors. By my 6-hour mark, I’m tired of drinking and eating, but slacking off isn’t an option with long summer stretches in no shade. A variety of flavors help with hydration boredom during 12 hours!  All natural. Not too sweet. No long list of ingredients that are a mystery to me.”


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