What can Cocogo do for me?

Go Healthy. Go Hydrated. Go Get ‘em.®

There are a lot of sports drinks out there, all claiming to pump up your performance. But Cocogo has the best mix of benefits:

Hydrating coconut water

Freeze-dried fruit for flavor

The best balance of electrolytes

An ideal blend of sugars

7 essential vitamins

better performances
TrailandUltraRunning.com review
“This is a super solid product, well thought out and executed almost perfectly.”


Dare To Compare: How Does Your Sports Drink Match Up?

  • Cocogo

    Only Cocogo fuels muscles with three natural sugars (no artificial sweeteners or high-fructose corn syrup here). Cocogo provides steady energy and offsets glycogen depletion, which helps prevent the "bonk."
  • Gatorade

    Too much sodium and a too-sweet taste can really upset your stomach. Say no to queasiness with a light-tasting, lower-sodium sports drink that treats your tummy right.
  • Hammer Heed

    The taste of Cocogo is light. Natural. Not too sweet. In fact, you’ll like the taste of Cocogo so much better than any other sports drink, we back your purchase with a guarantee.
  • Nuun

    Cramp less and hydrate better! Cocogo has balanced electrolytes – lower in sodium and higher in calcium, magnesium and potassium.

What people are saying about Cocogo

Cocogo reviews from around the states
Casual and hard-core athletes from around the states credit Cocogo for steady energy, no muscle cramps, being easy on the stomach, and preventing “the bonk.” Follow the many fitness adventures of our fans on social media. Plus scroll through these reviews to find athletes in all areas.

    87 year old hiker, Utah

    “Just after I turned 87, I did a six-mile hike and had neither leg fatigue nor mental distress.”
    “On a recent mountainous hike, I experienced more leg fatigue and mental distress than I ever remember. Five months later I learned about Cocogo. I took it with me on a six-mile hike with changes in altitude from 6500 to 8500 feet and back. I enjoyed the taste of Cocogo, had a natural desire to sip regularly, and had neither leg fatigue nor mental distress. I was delighted with the difference.”



    “Let me tell you, Cocogo did not disappoint. Even my two-year-old said, ‘it’s belicious!’”
    “My first impression of Cocogo was of its great packaging. I love the bright colors and the crisp look! I first tried the Raspberry Passion Fruit – I mean, doesn’t that sound great!?! It mixes and dissolves so nicely; there is no gritty feel or taste. The flavor is excellent – not too sweet and not too tart. I never drink juice, so this was a little naptime treat for my taste buds.”



    “Hands down the easiest opening packet ever - important when running.”
    “I LOVE this stuff. No dyes or junk—just easy, yummy hydration. I love the taste of all Cocogo flavors though I think the Raspberry Passion Fruit was my favorite. Hands down the easiest opening packet ever - important for those of us who don't carry scissors when we run. I tried it pre-run for fuel, post run AND I also sipped it during one run to see if it upset my stomach in any instance. NO IT DID NOT! If you do not like coconut water, I urge you to try this product.”


    Dancer, Utah

    “After I drink Cocogo, I feel more full, for a longer period of time. It curbs my hunger.”
    "I am a dancer and dance or exercise 20+ hours a week. When I don't feel like drinking water, I find myself craving Cocogo. The stick packs are very convenient, and I like that I can decide how many stick packs I want to use. The coconut water is a wonderful way to replace electrolytes without the sugary taste of Gatorade. I've also noticed that it curbs my hunger. I usually need small snacks and meals throughout the day to keep up my energy. But after I drink Cocogo, I feel like I just ate a serving of fruit. I feel more full, for a longer period of time.”


    New Hampshire

    “Cocogo’s combination of coconut water and fruits provides a natural recovery solution.”
    “One product that stands out among the crowd is Cocogo. Cocogo is made from coconut water and freeze-dried fruit. Each stick contains a powdery mix that can be combined with water for a quick and refreshing drink. Many athletes find that drinking Cocogo during their training alleviates the upset stomachs caused by other sports drinks.”

  • JEN


    “I prefer all natural products. With Cocogo, I completely trust all of the ingredients.”
    “Cocogo is the best new natural hydration product to hit the fitness scene. I love the convenience. I can just throw a few packets in my purse or bag and go. Since I’m a busy mom, the easier the better. I also prefer all natural products. This one I completely trust all of the ingredients.”

  • JAN

    Cyclist, Utah

    “I had no leg cramps after a century bike ride. In fact I wasn’t even sore.”
    “I do not like the taste of most sports drinks, but this tasted great. I used it full strength and as a flavored water and like it both ways. The real test for me is that I had no leg cramps after a century bike ride. In fact I wasn’t even sore. Can’t wait to try it this ski season.”



    “I hate all of the chemicals and sugars in some popular energy drinks.”
    “As a runner, I am always looking for ways to stay hydrated especially on the go – enter Cocogo. I love lemon-lime drinks and Cocogo’s is my favorite. I liked that the flavor was not too strong and not too sweet. One Cocogo packet in a 16-oz glass was perfect for me. I expected to like the grape flavor the least, but was pleasantly surprised it’s my second favorite. I shared some Cocogo packs at the NYC Half Marathon a while ago. People agreed that it was not too strong or sweet and they liked the fact that it is all natural.”



    “WOW, was I surprised by Cocogo—first by the taste, then by the way I didn't feel (crampy, sluggish, or ‘hold on I need a second’).”
    “Whenever I get the opportunity to review a new product for my fitness and running life I usually go in thinking, sure, but it's all been done. Hydration can only come so many ways, right? I've always enjoyed coconut water as a source of hydration, but it never seemed easy to manage on the run. Now I keep my favorite Cocogo packs in my car, purse, and wherever I might encounter a boring bottle of water.”


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