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More electrolytes. More energy.

Healthy hydration is as much an issue for athletes as it is for average Janes and Joes. When your body loses water through sweat, digestion, and even breathing, you’re also losing key nutrients that help you function. Without proper hydration and electrolyte balance, you’ll experience very real effects:

Fatigue and less energy

Reduced mental focus

Muscle cramping

Decreased endurance

more electrolytes, more energy
Performance review

“I used Cocogo on New Mexico’s Dawn 'til Dusk mountain bike race (my time 10 hrs 14 min). The taste works because it’s smooth, not too strong and very easy on the stomach. Cocogo was easy to digest even at the later hours of the race. I can really tell the benefits of the coconut water with the electrolyte replenishment and I had no cramping or signs of cramping at all.”

Bryce, CO

Electrolyte Positive™ for Positive Results

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Coconut water is known for replenishing lost minerals—but not for its flavor. Yet people who drink Cocogo say the taste gets them started. And the taste keeps them going.

Unlike super-sweet sports drinks, Cocogo keeps people drinking through even the toughest activities. They don’t feel queasy. They don’t cramp or run out of steam. And they don’t want to use anything else again.

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