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Ample reasons to be an Ambassador

Cocogo specializes in healthy hydration. But we also exchange customer praise for priority perks. Our Cocogo Ambassadors are active online individuals who promote their passions—and how Cocogo plays a part.

We’re looking for more Cocogo Ambassadors right now!

Cocogo Ambassadors get more:

  • 50% off all Cocogo products for you
  • Pass-along discount code for your followers
  • Free product bonuses and sponsorships
  • Cocogo bottle plus Ambassador visor or cap
  • Ambassador profile and link on

Are you Ambassador material?

  • Regular Cocogo user and brand loyalist
  • Positive, enthusiastic person
  • Active social media participant
  • Social media content includes some health or fitness-related content
  • You’re ready to tell friends, family, and the random guy at the grocery store about Cocogo

Cocogo Ambassador qualifications:

  • English communications (multi-language support to come!)
  • Established audiences in one or more of the following:
  • Blog: 1,500+ unique monthly visitors
  • Twitter: 1,500+ followers
  • Facebook: 3,000+ followers
  • Instagram: 1,500+ followers
  • YouTube: 750+ subscribers
  • Group Leader: 300+ group members (e.g. local running club)
  • Follower engagement also considered

Cocogo Ambassador requirements:

  • Mention Cocogo Ambassador and include the logo in your social media profile(s)
  • Write and share a personal review of Cocogo
  • Minimum of one Cocogo-related communication per month
  • Wear a Cocogo logo during events and post photos
  • Ambassadors participate for one year. Members may be invited for another term based on their level of brand engagement.
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Meet Our Featured Ambassador

Each month we highlight one of our amazing Ambassadors
Jennifer Chaffin
Jennifer Chaffin

I started running in 2008 and quickly fell in love with the sport. I race distances from 5k to 50k and especially favor ultra trail running.  I am a member of the Fleet Racing Team sponsored by Nike Running, an Ultra Dirtbag Member, and I'm on the Oiselle Flock team.  I am a wife, vegetarian, and Nashville native. My other interests include playing the violin and cheering on the University of Kentucky Wildcats.  I feel blessed to be a part of the running community and I am grateful for the friendships that it has brought into my life!
Jennifer Chaffin, TN | | |

See who's already joined the Ambassador team

  • Julie Ulery

    Murfreesboro, TN

    “Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, mom, wife and long-distance runner on a mad mission to break her 3:01:30 pre-baby marathon personal record and break into ultrarunning.”

    Instagram |
  • April Shuping

    Gainesville, FL

    “I love running, I love Disney. Like Belle, I want adventure in the great wide somewhere!” | | |
  • CKRun

    San Marino, CA

    “Age doesn't stop me from chasing my dreams. I try to have a race scheduled every month.”

    WorldWideRunners | |
  • Brittany@DelightsAndDelectables

    Mt. Washington, KY

    “Busy mom, healthy living blogger, and health care professional. I’m extremely passionate about nutrition and fitness. I enjoy running (even with my little guy).” | | |
  • Sarah Jane Parker

    Gillette, WY

    “Wife, mom of two, health and fitness blogger, personal trainer, and Zumba instructor.” | | | |
  • Caitlyn Connolly

    Tampa, FL

    “Runner, blogger, INSANITY instructor who’s living life to the fullest in the Sunshine State.” | |
  • Lisa Gaul

    Enfield, England

    “Running Mommy who loves distance running, trails and working out. Enjoys living a positive, active life with lots of running events to look forward to.”

    Facebook | |
  • Suzanna Mansour

    Orangeburg, SC

    “I coach college tennis, love everything fitness, and believe so much in great hydration that I sell a product that tracks your water intake on a timed schedule.” |
  • Sarah@RSEP

    Minneapolis, MN

    “A lifestyle blogger chronicling my health and fitness journey. I enjoy running, yoga, and group fitness classes.” | |
  • Mariah Jeffery

    Hillsboro, OR

    “I'm a full-time engineer, mom, distance runner and triathlete-in-training.” |
  • Jeneen

    Hampton, GA

    “I'm powered by coffee, determination, and the drive to show my children that anything is possible. Running keeps me sane.” |
  • Sarah Jordan

    Neenah, WI

    “I am a lover of all things active. I love the outdoors and spending time there with my daughters and husband. If you keep me moving, I am happy.” |
  • Emir

    Flourtown, PA

    “I’m just two years into endurance events and am hooked. I spend my time running, working in IT, juggling two crazy kids, and keeping up with my ultrarunner wife.” | |
  • Amy Dedic

    Flourtown, PA

    “My goals are to qualify for Boston and complete a 100 mile race. I’m married to another ultra-runner and I love being a MarathonMom!” |
  • Tommy Barlow

    North Salt Lake, UT

    “I’ve gone from a sprint triathlon to my first full Ironman just 8 weeks after knee surgery. I choose to push through obstacles and achieve my goals.” |

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